Leisure Time Spa CareLeisure Time Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules – Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules supplies a dependable and quick to use supply of concentrated chlorine to efficiently sanitize and disinfect hot water. The light and dark portions of wood turn to darker shades of brown over time that could be renewed or allowed to fade to a silver gray. They offer mineral ionization, spa 56 chlorine, bromine tablets and chlorine/bromine-absolutely free sanitizer options like the Totally free, Enhance and Control sanitizing system.

Leisure Time Renew Tabs : A rapid acting non-chlorine shock that comes in straightforward to use dosage tabs, adding it to your spa right after each and every use will assistance break down any organic contaminants brought into your hot tub by bathers like body lotions and oils, and sweat.

We are based in Southern California and can land most products to your door (within the 48 contiguous states) in less than a week! To make sure water excellent and retain the water simple to balance, Leisure Time® Spa recommends draining your spa water at least every 3 months or much more often if the spa is employed regularly.

Leisure Time Renew and Reserve Sanitizing Method : This program combines Leisure Time Reserve and Leisure Time Renew (tabs or granular), into a entirely chlorine cost-free sanitizing technique, void of the unpleasant side effects that frequently accompany other chlorine-totally free systems.

This product is an crucial aspect of the Leisure Time Free® program and need to be employed at commence up and weekly thereafter. This soft seat cushion gives further help and comfort throughout your spa session. This most effective-promoting kit includes the necessary goods necessary for spa start-up and maintenance such as sanitizer, shock, sequestering agent, defoamer, test strips, clarifier and balancers.

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