Leisure Time Spa Chemicals

Leisure Time Spa Chemicals

Leisure Spa ChemicalsDissolving granular rids spa water of residual soaps, deodorants, organic oils and organic supplies that can create up in spa water. Cutoff time for expediting an order is 2:00 PM (Central Time), Monday by way of Friday. I shock the tub about every week (when I can remember) with 1 or two scoopfuls of this stuff, and that is it. No hassle.. no need for other chemical substances.

No much more red or stinging eyes it is perfect if you have any members of your loved ones or buddies who have sensitive skin. Filling your Spa…Fill your spa till the water level is at the center of the skimmer, at the middle of the tile line or eight inches from the top rated of the spa.

We stock the full line of GLB pool and Leisure Time hot tub chemicals so you can retain your pool or spa just like the pros or bring in your water for our trained staff to test and give you information and facts to make ownership of a pool or spa a lot easier.

Leisure Time Brom Tabs : These bromine tablets are developed for use in a hot tub floating bromine feeder, in a hot tub set up with bromine as the sanitizer choice. Often preserve the pH of your spa water among 7.two-7.eight. A low pH reading (under 7.2) can cause equipment corrosion or scale formation.

As Elite Spa dealers we stock the frog replacement cartridges for the Inline sanitation method. Moreover, measuring out the appropriate level helps your spa resist sudden changes in pH levels. Ordinarily ranging amongst 102 and 104 degrees, spa water is prone to bacteria growth which can lead to cloudy water, as well as skin infections and rashes.

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