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Spa Chemical Test Strips

Spa Chemical Test Strips

Leisure Spa ChemicalsIn some cases dealing with the chemical substances that are needed to retain your hot tub water clean and nicely maintained can be a bit confusing. It is a superior idea to apply a coat of SPA Fast GLOSS every time you drain and refill the spa. When you use BioGuardĀ® spa care products (SpaGuardĀ® or Soft SoakĀ®), you are enlisting a group of individuals whose experience is unsurpassed in the spa and pool sector.

We carry chemicals that keep your spas and pools in tip-top shape all year long. If it is too late and you’re currently a scum victim, use a multi-purpose spa surface cleaner and a cleaning pad or clean cloth that will not scratch the acrylic surface of your tub.

We carry chemical substances to treat your pool or spa from two of the greatest chemical suppliers in the nation. In order to keep your spa free of charge of organic contaminants like bacteria or algae, sanitizing spa chemicals like bromine or chlorine are definitely required.

Maintaining a Spa or Pool really should not be an arduous process and by working with Leisurechem Products your prospects will obtain they keep water upkeep time to the minimum, to obtain maximum bathing enjoyment. In reality, we back up our information with totally free water testing, so you know your pool or spa chemistry is exactly where it must be. Cease in currently!

Normally preserve the pH of your spa water involving 7.two-7.8. A higher pH (above 7.8) can cause scaling and/or cloudy or colored water. Without the need of the harsh doses of chlorine, Nature2 mineral technologies delivers a refreshing, irritant free swim for the pool and the spa and water clarity like you happen to be never seen prior to.…